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Dirk Proost, Master in Music, Artistic Leader

Professional roles:
Co-founder of Champ d’Action, ensemble of Contemporary Music, Antwerp. Teacher of Oboe and Contemporary Music + Free Music and Community Music at The Music Academy of Lier and at the AP High School, department Music (Conservatoire of Antwerp).
Since 2000 I have been making music with all populations of society and all ages. This experience brought me to a vision which I call AMI:

A =  Art: Everything related to art intrigues and inspires me .                                                              M = Music: Everything is music ,everybody is a musician.                                                                         I = Investigation: My projects are a constant research in how to connect people through music and art.
In this spirit I developed many projects, such as MULTICOLORS and IN/OUT:
For ‘MULTICOLORS’ I developed a graphic score. This is a large floor score to stimulate teamwork and interaction. The conductor offers through its course and movements some parameters (rhythm, dynamics, combined action, silence…) With this project I had the possibility to connect foreign youngsters with several Academies of Art from Antwerp.
‘IN/OUT, Escape Through Art’ is a multidisciplinary art project with many different participants. Professional artists, artists in training and many amateurs are going in communication with inmates. The project starts in prison where I develop several acts with the prisoners. These acts or the process of it are filmed or recorded and taken out of the prison. All the other participants start to assimilate or to interpret this material. The results are shown on a representation that is filmed and shown to the inmates again. This circle movement had an amazing effect : ‘The inmates started making plans for future projects’.
In all AMI – projects I aim to make communication through music among all sections of the population with a focus on people of the vulnerable society, refugees and prisoners.