MULTICOLORS , 13 mei 2018, Jezuïetenkerk SAMWD Lier

MULTICOLORS (M) is a graphic score that  reminds you to a metro plan of some big city. It is a very simple open score in which everyone can participate. Various parameters from the music are used through movements and colors. Similarly, “M” is also a “choreographic” score, a score that has taken on countless guises, depending on the people who worked with it.

The subtitle of this multi-color score is “multicultural”: In this multicultural society a lot of communication goes wrong. “M” is a metaphor to demonstrate that communication is possible. Preferably they work with beautiful ethnic instruments, but you can work with all musical material, including concrete or electronic sounds … With this score I want to achieve a collaboration between different population groups and cultures. A collaboration that is absolutely necessary at this time in transition.

Today I bring refugees, the fourth world, prisoners, conservatory students and many oboes together. All these participants pass by in this music academy during projects or integrated in the LaboLier. This is a platform where AMI is the keyword: ART – MUSIC – INVESTIGATION
This LIERische Arts is all about peace and the integration of all people and cultures, under the title FRONT. Every day many foreign-speaking newcomers take Dutch lessons at CVO Crescendo in the premises of our academy. Singing together connects people. In December last year, Dutch students attended a singing workshop with Sien De Smet, a teacher at our academy. For some students it tasted like more, the group met on a regular basis to let their beautiful voices sound in a casual atmosphere. From the power of Multicolors, a core of people grew who would very much like to continue the collaboration. The future will show whether the Front Choir will lead a life of its own.

The images from the prison come from OPZ van Rekem. Rather, this institution is a clinic where psychiatric patients are supervised. In this way, many people can eventually be integrated back into society. From the IN / OUT format I include this setting in the performance. Collaboration “outside the walls” is normally always through participation through visual material. But for today it became possible to take someone live on stage.

The soloists today are largely people who left their country to build a new life in the West. They just started “from scratch”, in many cases required by the situation in their country. “M” makes their voice heard: their origin, their journey here, their reception, their dream … Here reporter Rudi Vranckx comes with a message from his experience in all these damaged countries. Because the foreigners usually participate in their own language, their story was included in the program.

MULTICOLORS WAVE,  academies van Antwerpen 2014

AMI, 19/01/10 Gent Avery Denisson

LnM, SAMWD Lier februari 2011

MULTICOLORS WAVE,  academies van Antwerpen 2014